Basic Study&Proposal
Design Engineering

After plant construction is complete we coordinate the start-up of the instrumentation and control system with the client's test run of the facilities. This begins the implementation of the start-up plan which includes several testing procedures such as: verifying appropriate installation calibrating industrial instruments and the digital control system loop testing tuning and operator training. We thus provide complete support for our clients enabling a smooth plant startup.

In order to secure the stable operation of plant equipment after start-up sustain functionality reliability and safety ensure high added value to products and reduce production lead-time the instrumentation control system - the core of plant operations - must be properly maintained.

The Sanko Group has the manpower technology equipment and facilities to respond to all of your instrumentation maintenance needs. We offer instrumentation maintenance plans calibration and maintenance services both in Japan and abroad.

Instrumentation and control systems continue to become more complex and more advanced. Now more than ever advanced technologies are required to provide total maintenance services. At Sanko's Instrumentation Technology Development Center we promote technical training and education programs to constantly upgrade the skill levels of our calibration and maintenance engineers. At the Calibration Technology Center our facilities are equipped with all standard instruments traceable to Japanese National Measurement Standards which we use to maintain our calibration equipment. In addition we conduct ongoing research in advancing calibration technologies.

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