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The Sanko Group performs a wide variety of procurement functions from instrumentation and electrical materials to digital control systems and industrial instruments based on the requirements and purpose of the project. At any time we are able to utilize our domestic and international operations network to globally research and survey equipment and materials manufacturers and vendors thus establishing our procurement network both within and outside Japan. We provide strong support for all projects through our procurement services which include expediting quality control and imports and exports.

Procured items: Instrumentation/electrical works materials piping materials digital control systems industrial instruments

The Sanko Group not only engineers instrumentation; it is also a manufacturer of instrumentation and control systems equipment. Using our instrumentation engineering technology and expertise and our ISO9000 quality system we manufacture and build control panels and power distribution panels that for years have earned a high reputation in a variety of industries. We also manufacture and build high quality reliable products to meet your particular needs including process analyzing system and piping assembling and all types of instrumentation tubing connectors fittings and specialty valves.
Manufactured items/products:
* Control panels instrument racks power distribution panels
* Sampling systems (feed water analysis for nuclear and thermal power plants)
* CO2 analyzers (CO2 gas supply / analysis for drinking water and food industry)
* Fluid supply devices and systems for the semiconductor industry
* Prefabricated process and utility piping
* S-joint instrumentation tube fittings and specialty valves
Control Panels.
Instrument Racks (for Nuclear Power Plant).
Sampling Systems.
CO2 Systems.
Fittings and Specialty Valves Manufacturing Line.
S-joint Tube Fittings Specialty Valves.
Gas Supply Cylinder Cabinets for the Semiconductor Industry.
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