Basic Study&Proposal
Design Engineering
After conducting a basic study we advance to the design engineering stage where we build the diverse structural elements and subsystems that make up the instrumentation and control. Design engineering which is the cornerstone of engineering mobilizes available technologies expertise and experience to systematically and positively meet design specifications and requirements at each phase.

Masters of instrumentation engineering our systems engineers and technical experts provide integrity by designing not only the systems but their installation as well. Their efficient design and development of instrumentation and control systems fully consider safety issues as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Basic Design
We develop a master plan for the design of digital control systems instrumentation and all associated power and electricity projects. Our job is to put together based on Process Flow Diagrams BEDD(Basic Engineering Design Data) P&ID applicable specifications and standards and relevant legal requirements.
Detailed Design
Using the basic design we develop the details for the systems framework instrument design control panel and power panel manufacture. We also develop practical design details for the construction process.
Control System Construction
Control System
Defining the Digital Control System Requirements
* Control monitoring data processing functions requirements
* Hardware and software specifications and requirements
Design of Conceptual Control System Configuration
Planning the System Development
Instruments and Equipment Lists
Digital Control System and Instrumentation Vendor Selection
Instrumentation / Electrical Construction
* Work Basic Plan
* Construction plan and basic
* Basic layout of control room
* Main cable route
Main Construction Material
Vendor Selection
( Design of System Specfication Details)
Control System Details Specifications
* System functional requirements
* I/0 lists
* Hardware and software detailspecifications
Instruments Data Sheets and Calculations
Control Panel Power Distribution Panel Detail Design
(System Development)
Control^Monitoring Program Coding
Program Test Procedures Program Tests
System Test Procedures System Tests
(Design of Construction Details)
* Plot drawings of instrumentation and electrical equipment
* Cable rack / cable duct route drawing
* Power and electrical wiring schematic diagram
* Cable schedule / connection diagrams
* Instrumentation air supply drawing
* Hook - up drawings
* Analyzer sampling hook-up drawings
* Construction and inspection procedures
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