Basic Study&Proposal
Design Engineering
The Sanko Group's persistent endeavors in technological innovations are what support our multifaceted engineering capabilities. Always conducting independent engineering research and development and proactively incorporating the latest technologies our successes become the basis for our group's abilities. Following are samples of the Sanko Group's research and development activities as a leader in instrumentation engineering:
Instrumentation Technology Development Center
The Instrumentation Technology Development Center/The Technical Annex has long used large-scale model plant facilities to simulate and research instrumentation and process control characteristics to determine the optimum control method. In addition we are researching and investigating system configurations using the latest digital control systems available.
Research and Development of Standard Measuring and Calibration Methods
Instrumentation and control begins with accurate measurement. Our group uses one of Japan's few calibration environments comprised of standard instruments and facilities traceable to Japanese National Measurement Standards under the traceability system regulated by the Measurement Law. Here we conduct research and development of new methods of standard measurement and instrument calibration.
Systems Integration: continually evolving control systems
The Sanko Group's systems integrator Sanko Computer Software researches the latest network and software development technologies in constant pursuit of new developments in instrumentation and control systems.
Fittings and specialty valves for instrumentation
Various types of fittings for process sensing lines and pneumatic signal transmissions as well as all varieties of specialty valves are manufactured at our Yokohama plant located in the city's Kanazawa Ward. We repeatedly test and develop materials designs and manufacturing methods to meet stringent process specifications. That quality has been recognized in a number of fields including nuclear power semiconductors and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to this we promote dynamic research and development of new sensors and semiconductor-related equipment systems for new platforms in instrumentation engineering.
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