Instrumentation Technology Development Center

The Sanko Group seeking to develop cross-trained engineers with expertise in a specific area but also seeking to develop broad knowledge of the entire engineering field is placing particular emphasis on employee education training and skill development. Each company in the group acts as a business owner of the center and is able to pursue tasks related to total vocational training. The Center was established with a firm educational principle (our policy) unique educational and training facilities adapted to the actual production floor (our "hardware") and texts concentrated on design ideas (our "software"). The Center supports the educational and training programs for all employees.

In addition we have established an associate organization: a technical school for instrumentation (The Instrumentation Technology Vocational Training School) where all group employees can brush up on instrumentation technology and skills. The Instrumentation Technology Vocational Training School has been officially recognized as an accredited vocational training facility by the governor of Kanagawa Prefecture and offers in its curriculum an Instrumentation Program which currently offers twenty courses.

Through continued education and training programs that are flexible and respond to our customers' needs and growth over time we are dedicated to developing both specialists and generalists who excel in a number of technical fields.

Instrumentation Technology Development Center
Instrumentation Technology Vocational Training School
*Location: 3-3 Egasaki-cho Tsurumi Ward Yokohama Kanagawa Prefecture *Location: 5-26-27 Ogura Saiwai Ward Kawasaki Kanagawa Prefecture (within Sanko Group's Technical Annex)
*Managers *Sanko Group and X-Group affiliated companies (11 across Japan)
*Vocational training type General vocational training
*Sanko Group Safety and Health Supplier Associations (50 total) *Curriculum Short-term curriculum
*Program Instrumentation program
*Courses 20 20 courses
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