Equipment designed to supply measurement standards to guarantee reliability
In order to provide highly reliable calibration and maintenance services the Sanko Group provides not only continuous technical education and training to its engineers but also a rigorous quality management system of the equipment critical to calibration. As a calibration service provider we have one of the most reputable environments (standard equipment facilities) and technologies for calibrating measuring and industrial instruments in Japan.
We have established internally a functional calibration traceability system in accordance with the Japanese National Measurement Standards.

We service all manufacturer makes and models of measuring instruments.
Regardless of manufacturer make or model we are able to provide total calibration services for all measuring instruments. A wealth of experience gained from our many years of providing calibration and maintenance services to a wide variety of industrial plants coupled with our involvement in advancing calibration technology allow us the unique opportunity to offer a wide range of calibration and maintenance services. We also provide technical information on instrument manufacturers and products and offer consulting on instrument and engineering traceability.

The first in the instrumentation calibration and maintenance industry to be certified for ISO9001 standard we have established a firm total calibration and service quality assurance system here at the Sanko Group.
In response to rising demands for GMP GLP and HACCP regulations incorporating validation and traceability systems and other quality and safety assurance issues in the manufacturing industry the Sanko Group has been at the forefront of establishing and building calibration technology. We were also the first in the instrumentation calibration and maintenance industry to receive ISO9001 certification and we provide calibration services under a total quality assurance program.
We utilize our wealth of experience at various plant facilities to provide calibration services tailored to your needs.

We have built our reputation providing a wide variety of maintenance and calibration services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and thermal/nuclear power plants which require even more stringent quality control than average plant facilities. We provide an extensive array of custom tailored services that meet the specific operating conditions environment and equipment requirements of the plant we are servicing. No matter what the facility we offer highly reputable highly reliable calibration services to suit the particular needs of our clients.

We have built a prominent traceability system chained to Japanese National Measurement Standards.
Our calibration equipment for temperature pressure and electrical measurements strictly conforms to those standards. All of this equipment is controlled and managed in an appropriate environment with an high-level scheme. We also actively participate in on-site proficiency evaluation testing of pressure and temperature measrurements conducted by public organizations. We continue our pursuit of excellence in calibration technology.
Pursuit of Excellence in Calibration Technology (Calibration Engineering Department)

Instrumentation maintenance is critical to determine the accuracy and soundness of the industial instruments on our clients' facilities. Therefore it is essential that measuring instruments and devices that are effectively traceable be used. Of course these devices are calibrated with the higher level of standard instruments. After many years of working toward the advancement of calibration technology we have established at our facilities a system for maintaining and managing standard instruments traceable to Japanese National Measurement Standards to meet demands for reliable calibration technology. Using this we not only calibrate internal and client measuring instruments we firmly uphold the reliability of our maintenance and our customers' instrumentation and control sysytems.

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