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Bulk pharmaceutical chemicals drug formulation and investigational new drug (IND) facilities are also among Sanko Group's primary service fields for instrumentation engineering. The production of pharmaceuticals requires high quality effectiveness and safety and their formulation and manufacture must comply with pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The foundation of GMP is in validation. Instrumentation and control systems are key to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. They play a vital role in manufacturing and quality control as well as in the validation process.

We offer complete systems integration services from the basic design of control systems and selection of control equipment to the development of control and monitoring software installation and construction and test runs. We help create a Validation Master Plan (VMP) provide system design and development create Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and perform Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ). For each phase of integration we provide total instrumentation and control systems engineering services for all pharmaceutical facilities to meet GMP and validation needs. Our calibration engineers - specialists in facilities - use the highest level calibration instruments and technologies to service your validation and calibration needs.

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