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The Sanko Group provides instrumentation engineering services for a variety of sectors in the food industry including beverages dairy products fermented food products cooking oils flour and sugar manufacturing. Our control systems control panels instrumentation/electrical construction and maintenance support this highly diversified industry. We have also used our many years of instrumentation engineering technology in the food industry to independently develop a CO2 supply/analysis system with unprecedented accuracy and functionality. This highly reputable system is employed widely at beer and carbonated beverage facilities. In recent years the food industry has adopted HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) methods for preserving product sanitation in all processes as part of its obligation to ensure product integrity. This has increased demand for more advanced and diverse instrumentation and control systems for production process control and monitoring systems. Sanko Group has utilized our years of technological expertise and experience with instrumentation engineering in the pharmaceutical industry to provide expert consultation and create SOPs that comply with HACCP specifications and control standards.

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